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  • Rohingya Muslims Water Pumps #89 – #91 Report • July 2021

    💦🇧🇩 Alhumdulilah these 3 pumps are on behalf of two sisters in Hong Kong and MCHK collective donors. 🥰 The clean water is sufficient to make joyful but when the kids get candies it makes them overjoyed, Alhumdulilah. 💞 One pump as such can benefit a family of up to 5 people or more, has […] More

  • Pakistan Water Pumps #12 Report • July 2021

    💦🇵🇰  Alhumdulilah this pump is on behalf of all the donors who gave small amounts and we collectively put it towards one pump like such. 🥰 Being able to facilitate different kinds of people’s donations is something we try our best to cater for, as we want all of you to take advantage of these […] More

  • Uganda Food Distribution #1 • September 2021

    🇺🇬 Alhumdulilah, our partner has used some of the 7 months food distribution funds to provide food items for 120 Quran students at Markaz Aljuhan Quran School in Uganda. 🍚 Food items bought and given include rice, maize flour, beans, sugar, salt and cooking oil. 💞 The children and more so the parents are truly […] More

  • Hijama Private Session | Sisters Only | September 2021

    📣 MCHK is once again back with one of the most popular requests by Hong Kong Muslims which is to have a safe place to have hijama, wet #cupping done, and importantly learning how to do it. 📲 To register, please fill this form – 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong with Indonesian Muslim […] More

  • 2 Non-Muslims Donate💰! • Hong Kong Street Dawah • 11-09-2021 & 12-09-2021

    ☝️ Another Saturday and Sunday, another fruitful street dawah done with some heartwarming moments experienced. 🤝 Alhumdulilah few brothers at our Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwai Fung stalls invested their efforts for around 3-4 hours, we hope other locations will resume too in shā Allāh. 🌟 The highlight of the days was having 2 non-Muslim […] More

  • Rohingya Muslims Water Pumps #85 – #88 Report • June 2021

    💦🇧🇩 Alhumdulilah a sister and two brothers in Hong Kong sponsored two + one + one water pumps respectively with us, super grateful to be able to do such projects with super ease! 🥰 Every drop that quenches the thirst of those who drink from these wells can become a means of sins being forgiven […] More

  • Winners • Islam & Media • MCHK Youth Club Writing Competition • August 2021

    🎉 And the winners are! Congratulations to the top 3 winners! Ages 18-211. Abdul Manaf Fathima Saaliha2. Zulaiha Zulfika3. Yusuf Mohideen 😄 Ma Sha Allāh TabbarakAllah! The writings were intellectual and deep! 😄 It was amazing to see how the young minds worked and wrote such impressive pieces! 💪 It was great to see such […] More

  • Pakistan Water Pumps #13 Report • July 2021

    💦 Alhumdulilah a father in the UK sponsored a water pump with us as a form of sadaqah jariyah for his beloved deceased parents. 🥰 These little acts we do to benefit our parents in this world and above all the hereafter should be a must for every child in whatever way possible. 💞 One […] More

  • Pre-Birth • Journey Of The Soul P1 • Ali Diallo

    💫 Allah gave us our physical bodies for this world, but what is not bound to just this world is our soul, our ruh. Do we know the different stages Allah makes our soul goes through? This series will in shā Allāh hope to do just that. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong humbly invites […] More

  • Masjid Jannah in Tanzania Appeal

    🕌 Bismillah. Another masjid building appeal. Another chance for us to invest in our akhira with such sadaqah jariyah in shā Allāh. 🇹🇿 Support a community in Tanzania with this masjid which will be able to cater for 100-150 people for salah at one time in shā Allāh. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong is […] More

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