In order to articulate the aims of MCHK, we need to present some of the issues that are affecting the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Though Hong Kong and its citizens are generally a peaceful people and are part of a peace loving society, we have over the years been witnessing increased hostility and discrimination towards the ethnic minorities that are represented here. Being refused bank accounts, abuse that domestic helpers are subjected to and discrimination within the admission process of pre-schools, are to name but a few of the recent issues that have been highlighted in the media.

So, what can MCHK do? Well, we are not going to pretend that we can solve all of society’s ills overnight, nor can we do this alone. We need YOUR support, whether that be through active participation within our Da’wah activities, financial assistance towards Da’wah, promoting the organisation through social media – everything counts!

In summary, the aims of MCHK are to:

  • develop mutual co-operative relationships between the other Muslim representative organisations in Hong Kong
  • provide a conduit from which the activities of the various Muslim organisations can be shared, celebrated and promoted within Hong Kong and wider international communities
  • address and counter the Islamophobic sentiment and discrimination that plagues Muslims within our society, through peaceful means and education
  • understand the needs of the Muslim population within Hong Kong
  • promote the peaceful message of Islam
  • reach out to all cornerstones of society, particularly the ethnic minorities and raise awareness of issues that they face
  • be actively involved within the community through collaboration with other local NGO’s

We envision and aim to make this a platform through which:

  • authentic teachings of Islam can be conveyed in a heartwarming, creative and wise manner
  • similar minded people from a variety of backgrounds come together for the greater good benefiting communities locally and globally