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  • A Non-Muslim American Stands Up For Two Muslim Women Against Islamophobia

    In the Western world, we often see stories of Islamophobia with Muslims being targeted for their beards, hijabs and Arabic language. Thus, when there’s common people who are standing up against such bigotry, it’s heartwarming and important to highlight with the hope it inspires others who may face similar. Here is Paul Lloyd, a Non-Muslim […] More

  • An Ex-Guantanamo Bay Detainee’s Emotional Letter To His Mother

    Try reading this without getting emotional. A heartwarming and even heart-wrenching letter. Released Guantanamo Bay detainee: Mohammed Al-Hamiri, a Yemeni, penned this diary entry about his mother: “Dear mother, I wish I could write to you with my blood on the walls of history so that these walls could tell the story of my love […] More