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    Young Muslim Pakistani girl wins World Memory Competition 2020

    A young girl from Pakistan has won the 29th World Memory Championships global finals, beating more than 300 competitors from all over the world. Emma Alam competed in over 10 disciplines in three-day competition which included participants from China, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Algeria, United States, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Libya, […] More

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    Pakistan’s Punjab govt makes reading Quran with Urdu translation compulsory in universities

    University graduates in Pakistan’s Punjab province will not get the degree without completing a compulsory reading of the Quran with its translation, according to a notification issued by the government. Punjab province Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar issued the notification on Sunday making it mandatory for all the students in the universities (except non-Muslims) to learn […] More

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    Malaysia has world’s most powerful Muslim passport

    Malaysia has the 13th most powerful passport in the world making it the premier Muslim passport, according to a new list by The Henley Passport Index as reported by 5 Pillars. Each year the organisation ranks all the world’s passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa. Japan came top […] More

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    Students from a Madrassa in Pakistan win a University’s robotics competition

    Students from Jamia Baitul Salam participated in an educational competition conducted in Pakistan’s HITEC University Taxila, Panjab. The Madrassa students won a robotics competition by beating competitors belonging to 20 other universities as reported by Tech Juice. Not just that, the bright students from Jamia Baitul Salam have also won an Urdu speech competition and […] More

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    Canada, Netherlands join Gambia’s fight for Rohingya Muslims

    On November 11th 2019, The Gambia government filed a lawsuit at The Hague demanding accountability on the systematic violations of the rights of minority Rohingya Muslims by the Government of Myanmar. Following this, Canada, Netherlands and The Gambia have agreed to form a tripartite joint working group to pursue the case as reported by The […] More

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    Pakistan PM Imran Khan asks PTV to air famous Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul’ in Urdu, especially for the younger generation

    Pakistan’s state television, the PTV, is set to air a famous Turkish historical fiction series “Dirilis: Ertugrul” dubbed in Urdu soon, the state broadcaster told Arab News on Monday. The move follows a special request by Prime Minister Imran Khan, who in October recommended the popular TV opera to all Pakistanis as promoting the true […] More

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