Islamophobia and Anti-Religion sentiments on the rise in China

Recently, we came to know that a certain state in China is imposing a ban on religion in schools, most specifically Islam.

This appalling turn of events comes after last year, we saw the headlines coming out of China, specifically the far western Xinjiang district, that the authorities there had placed an outrageous ban on Muslims observing their fasts in the month of Ramadan. They said by doing so it helps prevents extremism ideology to grow in the land. What has fasting during the daylight hours got to do with becoming an extremist or a threat to the nation? Bizarre and atrocious to say the least.

Now, not only were the Muslims, including students at schools, forced to eat to prove they are not fasting, but some shop keepers and restaurants, which were owned by Muslims, were ordered to keep their businesses open during daylight hours. Others were coerced to continue selling cigarettes and alcohol or face the possibility of being shut altogether. This oppression came on top of bans on beards, burqas and even hijabs.

Just when we thought Islamophobia and anti-religion sentiments couldn’t get any worse, it did. A rather old video showing a sweet young Chinese kindergarten girl reciting the Qur’an (in a beautiful way) from memory, was suddenly picked up by the Chinese authorities in Gansu and it became a trigger to put in place the ban of religious teachings in schools.

Again, the reason given by the atheistic communist party imposing this dreadful ban was that they were using this move to combat extremist breeding. They somehow deemed the book Al-Qur’ān as one that preaches extremism. How can this be case when there are more than 1.8 billion people who strive to abide to its teachings? Yes there are a few bad apples who say they are following the Qur’ān but in fact they have nothing to do with its message.

The even more alarming point to note after this ban was put in force was the number of people in support of such a ban on keeping religion out of schools. Some even went as far as saying – “They say we are all infidels. Boycott halal food, do not rent to Muslims, do not let Muslims through your door.”

If those who have such hatred towards Islam and its religious book the Qur’ān along with its Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will only read the scriptures from its original sources with context and a non-bias mindset, then one would say they would realize the religion is far from preaching any form of extremist ideology, rather it teaches to follow the middle path. Allāh (God Almighty) says:

“And thus we have made you a just (middle-path) community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you…”[1]

How can a religion and its true followers be deemed as being extremists when the man, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who they follow instructed them:

“Religion is easy, and no one overburdens himself in his religion but he will be unable to continue in that way. So do not be extremists, but try to be near perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded. Gain strength by worshiping in the mornings and afternoons and during the last hours of the night.”[2]

Banning religion from schools and imposing harsh measures on its law-abiding ordinary followers is never going to solve any issue they may deem to have in the community. In fact, it’s counter-productive, since it’s policies like these that become a carpet for radicals and extremists to arise from within, since there will be those who will go take the law in their own hands. By doing this, they will also be putting their status as being a Muslim in the sight of Allāh in danger too, for they may end up transgressing the limits set by the Qur’ān and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

No religion preaches extremism. No religion asks it’s followers to kill innocents. In Islam, there is a huge importance given to tolerance, justice and harmony within societies of different backgrounds. All we as Muslims want is somewhat similar in return when we are abiding in Non-Muslim lands. It’s through the true teachings of our religion that enables us to be incredibly generous, astonishingly forgiving and deeply hopeful of better days to come no matter how difficult life is getting for us. Here is what the Prophet of mercy, Muhamamd (peace be upon him) preached:

“Shall I not inform you of something more excellent in degree than fasting, prayer and alms-giving or charity (sadaqah)? The people replied: Yes, Prophet of Allah! He said: It is putting things right between people (i.e. keeping the peace within the community), spoiling them is the shaver (destructive).”[3]

So, please do yourself a favour and find out for yourself why this book, the Qur’ān is the most read book, the most followed book and the only authentic religious book on the face of the Earth which has never been altered or changed.

Click here to get a free translated copy of the Qur’ān in English or Chinese. Read it with a sincere, open heart and then judge it. We duly hope Muslims are stopped being oppressed and demonized for holding onto their religious dues and that we can indeed learn to live in an amicable manner. Build the bridges, don’t make walls.



[1] Al-Qur’ān 2:143
[2] Al-Bukhaari 39 and Muslim 2816
[3] Sunan Abi Dawud, Book 42, Hadith 4901

Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.

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