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Muslims of Hong Kong: 3 IKTMC Muslim Students achieved 5** in HKDSE exams

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Form 6 students’ HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education) exam results came out on Wednesday and as always there was much to cheer about for many, even for the Muslims in Hong Kong.

A total of 68,128 candidates took part in the DSE exams this year. Along with other students who got some nice results, 3 Muslim students studying at IKTMC (Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College) attained some excellent results.


Muslim Council of Hong Kong interviewed our bright stars of the future to find out more about this success from them. Sultan Iqra came home with 5** in English Speaking and 5* in Liberal Studies. Abu Hassan Shahul Hameed Nuaim attained 5** in English Reading paper and a 5* overall in English language. Anis-Ur-Rahaman also got 5** in English Reading and a level 5* in English Speaking.Results

In early August, 2016, we were informed that Sultan Iqra was accepted in the University of Hong Kong to study Bachelor of Arts and Abu Hassan has been accepted by Hong Kong University of Sciencd and Technology to undergo Bachelor of Science.

1) How did you manage to attain such excellent results?

Iqra: Attaining an excellent result isn’t an easy job. It required me to have full faith and believe in Allah and work really hard.

One thing that I did was pray to Allah continuously, before, during and even after the exam.

And of course, Allah listens to our prayers and accepts them when we have pure intentions. My teachers kept pushing me to pray and to have faith in Allah. Along with that came many sarcrifices. It would be frustrating at times, but Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s help, I attained a satisfying result.

Hameed: I thank Allah, The Almighty for having granted me such results and

I owe my teachers a lot.

They used to make a schedule for me to finish exercises using many persuasive methods, so literally I was forced to do them, this, I believe is the reason why I got such grades.

Anis: What I did to get these “amazing” results, it’s just pure bravery and the help of Allah (S.W.T.). As this is my 2nd attempt at DSE, and I really had to pull out a lot of courage to face the humiliation of not performing well, face my teachers whom I failed, and most of all, facing the choices I have. And it paid off actually,

Allah (S.W.T.) has indeed rewarded me with better results this time and I can truly say, I couldn’t do it without faith.

2) Did you face any difficulties and how did you overcome them?

Iqra: Studying everyday for 3 years is very frustrating and difficult.

The difficulty that I would face was that I sometimes felt that im not enjoying my time, as it got quite dull studying everyday.

However, in order to overcome that, I used to have a schedule everyday that I would follow with different subjects to study everyday, which allowed me to study in a better way. At the same time, I would sometimes get stressed and angry. In order to overcome that, I used to give myself a break from studies sometimes, to make my mind relaxed. I would also start studying with Allah’s name and read a few dua’s to make myself feel better that Allah is with me.

Hameed: The difficulties I faced were two types, internal and external. Internally, being a procrastinator I am more into instant gratification than getting the job done.

My teachers would talk, advise and explain to me the jihad we have to do are with my own nafs to get things done.

This used to recharge my imaan every time they said that and that helped me stay on track and focus. Externally, it was the stigma and negative perception associated with our only Islamic secondary school in Hong Kong and unfortunately that too by Muslims, this greatly saddened me and brought my morale down. But Alhamdullilah again my teachers helped me to convert this negative stigma into a motivation, they gave me confidence to strive and change the Islamic community’s perception towards our college and that solved the issue.

Anis: Although I am a minority in HK, I did grew up studying in Chinese school as Alhumdulilah my mother is Chinese and I have the environment to learn Cantonese.

However, when I was a kid, I had Dyslexia.

Alhumdulilah, all thanks to Allah again, this problem has faded, but still I have problems learning. Alhumdulilah, Hong Kong is quite a beautiful place where discrimination is almost not there, sure I was discriminated, but not to a degree I was truly hurt, and I’d love to thank Allah (S.W.T.) on giving me such environments, and my mother for always teaching me on being humble.

3) Do you think it’s important for Muslims to consistently strive to get such results in Hong Kong?

Iqra: Yes. I really do think it is important for Muslims to consistently strive to get good results in HK.

Islam teaches us to strive for knowledge.

Through studying, we get to absorb tremendous amount of knowledge. With more knowledge comes better results. Getting good results, Muslims can show HK people about the values of seeking and striving for education within the Muslim community, which improves the status of the Muslims in the society.

Hameed: Yes, I definitely think so.

Muslims were always the pioneers of all fields and in order to keep it so, our hard work is needed.

This would bring the overall status of the ummah high in the eyes of the disbelievers and would be a form of dawah, like a famous social network message says “we do our best, let Allah take care of the rest”.

Anis: Yes, I do think that Muslims in HK do have to strive for the best. We Alhumdulilah are given by Allah (S.W.T.) guidelines on a better way of life through the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

I truly believe, if we strive and be the best of our community, it is already a form of Dawah.

4) What are your future plans?

Iqra: My future plan is to get into a local university. Afterwards, I have planned to study English language education, as

I aim to become an English teacher in the future in Sha Allah.

Hameed: In sha Allah,

I wish to be a doctor or a teacher to give back to the community from were I gained a lot.

Anis: As I found a passion in media, namely shooting videos and editing films, I wish to pursue a life in the media stream. I always had dreams to show everyone how all humans are the same, and that we shouldn’t discriminate in any manner.

I would also love to show the world that Islam is not what the west shows us.

I hope through pursuing a career in media, it may In Sha Allah help me to make my dreams come true.

5) What’s your advice to the future F.6 students especially those from the ethnic minority in Hong Kong?

Iqra: My advice for the future S.6 students is that they should have faith and confidence in their plans. They should work hard, not only when they are in S.6, but from S.4 onwards.

Getting good results requires sacrifices.

As studying can get boring, try to have a schedule consisting of different subjects to study everyday in order to keep the mind active and fresh. At last, praying to Allah. Keep praying to Allah, as it is He from whom we seek help from.

Hameed: My advice for future F.6 students is to relax.

Know that HKDSE is a lot easier than what people in our own countries are going through.

School life happens once in a lifetime, enjoy your time with your friends and make good memories.

Anis: Dear F.6 students, I’ve been in your shoes twice now. I know what it’s like to be a minority, I know what it’s like to be in the position where possibly my future is at stake, but never lose hope, trust in Allah (S.W.T.) and surly He will guide you. Never think that your a minority, your Chinese is not on par with the locals. Trust me, the locals are worried as you are as their English may not be on par as yours.

Hong Kong is a multicultural society and surly there’s a place for you.

Always be certain. You want to be an engineer? In Sha Allah, we as Muslims can be always at the top of our society. And that can only happen, if you make it happen.

MCHK along with all Muslims in Hong Kong and worldwide wish all the best for our shining stars of tomorrow and also to say to those who didn’t receive good results to not feel down but to believe in Allah’s plans and keep giving their best.

Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.

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