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2020 HKDSE: Hong Kong Muslim students reflect on attaining top universities places

As the new school years are underway across Hong Kong, we taught it will be interesting to catch up with those Hong Kong Muslim students who attained not only top results in the 2020 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), but also managed to get entrance into top universities in Hong Kong.

When the HKDSE results came out, there were many who were in ecstasy, including Muslim students in Hong Kong. Point to note that though not every one got what they dreamed of, it’s vital the efforts of everyone are acknowledged to make sure they remain positive regardless of the results.

A number of Muslim students studying at IKTMC (Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College) attained some splendid results, Alhumdulilah.

Similar to previous years, Muslim Council of Hong Kong interviewed our bright stars of the future to find out more about this success from them. Asiya Yu was the best achiever bringing home an amazing 34.5 points!

Two other students, Lareb Bibi Zulfqar got 33.5 points and Insaf Idris Sadakatullah both managed to top points and entry into top universities, whilst many others, as can be seen by the poster attached, accomplished top results.

We caught up with Asiya, Lareb and Insaf to explore their journey and their future.

1) How did you manage to attain such excellent results?


Well, the main thing is to study hard, but also all the support from my family, teachers, and classmates was one of the factors too.

And of course most importantly having trust in Allah.


It was all Allah, who blessed me with such supportive family and friends, as well as amazingly talented teachers who guided me through my whole journey. It was all of their prayers that helped me achieve this in life.

My teachers spent their free time teaching me when they didn’t have to, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Insaf Idris:

Alhamdhulillah, although I could improve by giving more effort and to study more efficiently, all that it takes to reach where I am is to give minimal effort alongside with having a passion for the subject you study.

2) Did you face any difficulties and how did you overcome them?


A lot of times I would maybe lose motivation, or may just not be in the mood to study, but I think the important thing is to not give up. Don’t think that just because you wasted a few days or even weeks it’s no use for you to study anymore. It’s never too late to start.


I would be lying if I said no. There were times I wanted to give up, times I wanted to sleep all day instead of studying, etc. What made me overcome all of that was the support and words of encouragement from my teachers, family and friends.

I would highly suggest everyone to stay close to their loved ones through no matter what, because that is where your motivation lays.

Insaf Idris:

– Lack of preparatory material: Internet is an ocean, I tried to use it to its fullest. I contacted my teachers, mentors and even my family members for doubts privately.

– Distraction from the protest and Covid-19 for everyone and knee surgery for myself: I had thought of this as a stage to perform all I have learnt throughout your education, it inspired me to stay focused.

– Late realisation: By starting off my revision only couple weeks before the start of the HKDSE Examinations, I tried to not waste even a single minute for revision.

3) Do you think it’s important for Muslims to consistently strive to get such results in Hong Kong?


Yes definitely, because not only does this show other people that we are all the same and can achieve high results too, but it might also help erase some prejudices people might have against Islam.

And thus might even help bring more people to Islam.


Yes, I believe that is extremely important. As Muslims, since we are obliged to educate ourselves with knowledge of this world and the hereafter, then why not do our best in it?

I believe we should all be consistently striving to do our best to gain all kinds of knowledge.

Insaf Idris:

Not only for Muslims in Hong Kong but for everyone around the world, it is important to strive to become what they want but being a Muslim in Hong Kong, you shouldn’t underestimate yourself and overestimate the ethnic Chinese to be better than you.

You are just as much of a Hong Kong-er as them and you should work both hard and smart.

You can regret over your results but never regret for not trying. And of course, here’s something cliche: being book-smart and brainy is not all you need, you must develop the skill you are interested in and that’s a better way to reach your definition of success.

4) What are your future plans?


I’m planning to study in a bachelors degree in HKU.


I plan to further my education in Hong Kong and contribute to our community in every way possible.

Insaf Idris:

Insha Allah, I am hoping to complete my engineering degree and enter a top firm in the related disciple or study master. In layman’s terms, just trying to be the best at what you do, where you are.

5) What’s your advice to the future F.6 students especially those from the ethnic minority in Hong Kong?


Don’t think that just because we are ethnic minorities we can’t achieve what other locals might be achieving. We are all humans. As long as you work hard and place your trust in Allah you can achieve whatever you want.

And also, please try to start a habit of studying from Form 4, even a few hours a week is fine. Because I honestly think if you start working hard from form 4, you will be able to achieve 5** in all the subjects In Sha Allah.

Another thing I think you should really do is check out some university programs before choosing your electives. Because some programs like MBBS (to become a doctor) require chemistry. While engineering programs generally require physics.

And so it’s especially important for you to choose carefully if you already know what you want to do in the future.


I would like for them to believe in themselves, to believe that nothing is unachievable. I’m not saying it will be easy, but trust me, the sleepless nights and early morning classes will all be worth it.

Times are tough, but don’t let that dishearten you, instead, use that as motivation to do even better!

Remember, you can only real enjoy the 4 months long break when you know you did your best, wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Insaf Idris:

Remember education is not supposed to be spoon-fed down one’s throat and it’s not for everyone but for those who wants to takeaway something, here are some on top of my head to sum up:

– to start as early as you can
– to study the electives you like with passion
– to have a schedule
– to work both hard and smart
– to hope for the best
– to prepare for the worst
– to consistently pray
– to be confident but not overly confident

And as Steve Jobs once said, stay hungry, stay foolish.

MCHK along with all Muslims in Hong Kong and worldwide wish all the best for our shining stars of tomorrow and also to say to those who didn’t receive good results to not feel down but to believe in Allah’s plans and keep giving their best.

Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.

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