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  • Quran • Ramadan Reminders Day 4

    #Quran • #Ramadan Reminders Day 4 📖 It’s the book that changed it all in this month more than 1400 years ago, the real question is have you allowed it to change you? More

  • Ethnic Minority Cultural Booth • Tin Shui Wai

    MCHK supporting this event by providing Islamic #dawah materials to be given out to the local public in shā Allāh. May Allāh accept and make this a means of bridging the gap between the communities. More

  • From The Few • Hong Kong Street Dawah • 06-03-2021 & 07-03-2021

    From The Few • Hong Kong #StreetDawah • 06-03-2021 & 07-03-2021 ✊ Allah selects a few from the many to do certain acts of servitude to Him, spreading the message of Islam on the streets of Hong Kong is one of those. 🤝 Alhumdulilah 12 brothers at 3 different locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwai […] More

  • Step Up To Be Counted • Hong Kong Street Dawah • 13-03-2021 & 14-03-2021

    Step Up To Be Counted • Hong Kong #StreetDawah • 13-03-2021 & 14-03-2021 ✊ When the usual brothers aren’t able to conduct the dawah activity and others step up to make sure the work happens no matter what, it’s beautiful to see Alhumdulilah. 🤝 Alhumdulilah 10 brothers at 4 different locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, […] More

  • 15-Yr-Old Agnostic Accepts Islam With MCHK

    TAKBEER! ALLAHU AKBAR! 😃 He said his Muslim classmate told him about MCHK and he got in touch us. Subhan’Allah him from Scotland, us from Hong Kong. May Allah guide his parents too through him. More

  • A Sin To Being A Dawah Donor • Dawah Diaries E24

    A brother called to say he wanted to talk to someone to get off something of his chest, and Subhan’Allah the conversation led to something inspiring! DawahDiaries​ is for those who want to • hear about Islamic Dawah conversations, • get some tips on how to give Dawah to different people or • simply be […] More

  • Inappropriate Form Of Defending The Prophet ﷺ’s Honour After Jummah Salah

    Inappropriate Form Of Defending The Prophet ﷺ’s Honour After Jummah Salah Our reaction as Muslims to any hurtful act cannot be emotional based. Yes, those who are abusing freedom of expression with freedom of hatred should be condemned and advised. But similarly, those who are being abusive, hostile and insensitive in their response, they should […] More

  • Free speech is not an excuse for malice, disrespect and provocation

    France, freedom of speech, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islamophobia are all in the spotlight once again. French President Macron and many like him, have shown clearly which side they are on – He is Charlie, regardless of disrespecting others feelings. Here, a writer explains it all fittingly. Charlie Hebdo is a satirical […] More

  • Two Muslim women stabbed in Paris with shouts of ‘dirty Arabs!” and “this is our home!”

    On Sunday evening, two “European-looking” women stabbed two Muslim women in Paris after reportedly shouting racist insults. French police opened an attempted murder investigation after arresting the two suspects. The incident occurred on Sunday evening at the Champ de Mars Park, near the Eiffel Tower. The two victims, Kenza and Amel, were walking with two […] More

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