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    Russia’s Navalny, a Christian, threatens to sue prison for withholding Quran

    Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has threatened to sue the prison in which he is jailed, accusing it of withholding the Quran – a sacred book he intended to study while serving his sentence. In an Instagram post announcing his first lawsuit against prison officials, he said: “The thing is, they’re not giving my Quran.” He added that […] More

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    COVID-19 vaccine a must for performing Hajj this year

    Saudi Arabia’s health ministry has ruled that only people who have been vaccinated will be allowed to attend the Hajj this year, Saudi newspaper Okaz reported. “The Covid-19 vaccine is mandatory for those willing to come to the Hajj and will be one of the main conditions (for receiving a permit to come),” the report […] More

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    Sri Lanka to lift ban on burial of virus victims, bringing relief to Muslims

    Sri Lanka will allow the burial of COVID-19 victims, the country’s premier said on Wednesday, following months of outcry over a ban. In response to a question raised by lawmaker S M Marikkar, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said in parliament the bodies of virus victims will be allowed to be buried, according to the ColomboPage […] More

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    60-yr-old USA woman becomes Muslim after watching Resurrection: Ertugrul

    A 60-year-old American woman has become Muslim after being influenced by Resurrection: Ertugrul, a popular Turkish TV series. The Wisconsin resident chose the name of “Khadija” after her conversion to Islam and told Anadolu Agency that she came across Resurrection: Ertugrul while browsing Netflix. “I looked into it, the details about it. So I started […] More

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    “5 Things I’m Grateful For”, 12-20 Yr Old Muslims Heartwarming Reflections

    If someone was to ask you what are you grateful in this moment in your life, what would come to your mind? From time to time, it’s paramount as Muslims we take a step away from the life race and ponder upon what we have in our life from Allah. So, keeping this in mind, […] More