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    Greatest message of equality was given by Prophet Muhammad, said Justice Sachar

    By saying that Arabs have no superiority over non-Arabs and Whites have no superiority over Blacks, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered the greatest message of equality centuries ago, said Justice Rajinder Sachar (a non-Muslim) former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court while speaking at an event by India Tomorrow in August 2016. Speaking […] More

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    Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival and a Muslim perspective

    The History and Origins of China’s Mid-Autumn Festival There are many stories about the origin of China’s Mid-Autumn Festival. As well as the history below, there are several legends that explain the origin of the festival in a more fanciful way. The term “Mid-Autumn” first appeared in the book Rites of Zhou (周礼), written in […] More

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    Response to “Imagine a world without Muslims”

    Abdul-Latif Halimi saw this picture on Twitter, and thought he put the record straight for those who don’t know. Let’s imagine a world without Muslims, what would happen? 1) No largest religious denomination  The world would lose the largest religious denomination on earth, Sunni Islam, and 1.5 billion human beings. 2) No some of the […] More