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    26,000 health officials and 4,600 scouts employed to serve the Hajj pilgrims

    The Ministry of Health has fielded 26,000 of its officials to serve the guests of Allāh during Hajj, a senior official from the ministry said here Thursday: The officials include medical, administrative and technical teams from different regions of the Kingdom, and they have already occupied their respective positions. More than 4,500 scouts will also […] More

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    10 Healthy Habits Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) That Science Later Proved

    As Muslims, we are advised the best example to follow is that of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), for his daily habits not only had spiritual benefits, but also physical and physiological benefits too. And this is spot on. Allāh says: “Indeed in Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), you have an excellent example to […] More