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    Sins More Than Just A Black Dot | Br Omaru Nimaga

    #Sins, More Than Just A Black Dot | Br. Omaru Nimaga 🖤 No matter who it is, we all sin. However, not all of us take our sins seriously. Not all of us have the guilt after the sin. Not all of us care about the heart turning black. 🗣 Muslim Council of Hong Kong […] More

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    10 common mistakes during Hajj and Umrah by pilgrims

    Performing Umrah or Hajj are extremely important, but whilst the emotions are high, many of us end up doing or believing in acts which are man-made and have no basis in the Qur’an or the Sunnah. Here are 10 common mistakes which we should all make sure not to get into and advice others not to […] More