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  • Over 90,000 mosques to reopen in Saudi Arabia after sanitisation, except mosques in Makkah

    Over 90,000 mosques will reopen on Sunday after being sanitised, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced on Thursday. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance is all set to reopen more than 90,000 major and minor mosques across the Kingdom, except mosques in Makkah. The ministry and its staff have already embarked on maintenance, cleaning […] More

  • German church welcomed Muslim Friday prayer due to social distancing rules

    A church in Germany’s capital, Berlin, has helped a nearby mosque comply with physical distancing guidelines by hosting Friday prayers, in a move hailed as “an amazing sign of solidarity”. Places of worship reopened in the country earlier this month, but worshippers must maintain a minimum distance from one another of 1.5 metres (five feet). […] More

  • UAE sends 7 tons of medical aid to India to fight COVID-19

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday sent a plane carrying seven tonnes of medical supplies to India to boost the country’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 as reported by NDTV. “The UAE is committed to extending critical support to nations seeking to bolster their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. UAE assistance to […] More

  • Indian Muslim farm labourer donates Hajj savings to coronavirus victims

    A Muslim farm labourer and his wife in India who had worked hard for years to save money to go on Hajj have donated everything to aid the fight against coronavirus. 55 year old Abdurrahman Goodinabali and his wife were planning on embarking on the pilgrimage next year, but they feared that holding on to […] More