Long beards, burqa and other orthodox Islamic practices banned in Xinjiang, China – enforcing the Muslims to follow secularism

Fighting extremism in ANY society is extremely important, but the manner it is done is also extremely important.

China has banned burqas, veils and long beards considering them to be ‘abnormal’ in Xinjiang, the predominantly Muslim province, in what it claims is a crackdown on religious extremism as reported by various news media.

The measures, which also force people to watch state television, follow decades of ethnic and religious discrimination against Xinjiang’s 10 million-strong ethic Uyghur population and is being considered just another way of anti-religion sentiments rising in China.

The new, utterly disturbing and some would say extreme regulations, will come into force on Saturday, require government workers in airports, railway stations and other public places “dissuade” women who fully cover their faces and bodies from entering and report them to police.

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