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4 Solid Tips On How To Aid The Muslim Ummah

The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever. [1]

The Muslim Ummah is going through one of its toughest period in its history. The severe and troubling times are all but evident for all to see. Whether it’s the long term oppression and suffering in places such as Syria, Palestine and the like, the constant onslaught to suppress the orthodox Islam which has led to a rise of Islamophobia worldwide and even secularism, or the lack of correct knowledge which continues to plight the masses. The question which comes to mind for many is – how to help our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters from these struggles? Here are 4 easy tips that we should

1. Increase In Du’a

The greatest act of support, Du’a, is the weapon of the believer. Single out the last third of the night to pray for the Ummah. Make sure to include the Ummah whilst in the best position, the Sujood. Try to shed tears and beg Allah, The Most High to alleviate the suffering of the Muslims. Never underestimate the power of Du’a. Never lose hope and think our Du’as are not being accepted. Keep the sincere Du’as going, be patient and know Allah has a plan which we may not comprehend. Know our Du’as can change Qadr, destiny. Also remember when we make Du’a for others behind their backs, the angels say Ameen for us, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

And your Lord said, invoke me and I will respond to your invocation. [2]

Dua For Ummah

2. Change Yourself

Our sins not only affect us but the Ummah at large as well. When we are told the Ummah is like one body, it implies we are one in good and bad. So yes, possibly, it’s our own sins that might be a factor towards the suffering of the Ummah. Not only us, we have to wisely correct others that you may come across doing wrong. We can’t have the mentality of – I’m going to my grave and you are going to yours, so leave me with my affairs with Allah and only Allah judges me! No, that’s not being part of the Muslim Ummah means. Rather it’s about – your sin may affect my own state as a Muslim. Our condition will not change as an Ummah until we change ourselves.

Evil (sins and disobedience of Allah, etc.) has appeared on the land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned (by oppression and evil deeds etc.), that Allah may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return (by repenting to Allah). [3]


3. Invest Your Talents By Being The Best That You Can Be

Each one of us has amazing potential and the Ummah needs us to bring our best forward. Utilise your talents and take part in community projects that will strengthen and unite the Ummah. The Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them all) were the best of generations due to them contributing to the betterment of the Ummah with whatever gift and skill they had been bestowed with from Allah. They didn’t try to change Islam, rather they used Islam as a basis to bring benefit to the society around them. So, if you have been blessed with a special gift – speaking, writing, debating, graphic designing, etc. – use it for the sake of Allah by helping the Ummah progress. Know our honour will only be given back to us when do the best we can by what Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) has ordained.

The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind. [4]


4. Volunteer Aid

Lighten your pockets and help bring ease to the lives of those in poverty stricken areas and war zones. Alongside Du’as, giving in charity is yet another the most powerful act we ought to do to help the Ummah. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Muslims are one of the most charitable people in the world. This is not just a human trait, but undoubtedly down to the Islamic teachings where charity holds a key role to our success as a Muslim. Make sure to give to those charities which are trustworthy and transparent. Don’t ever think by giving your wealth is decreasing, rather it’s an investment. Use the wealth that Allah has given you in the right way, for we will be held accountable for where we spent it. Help the likes of Syria right now and continue to do so.

Allah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’ [5]


What we realise from this is that helping the Muslim Ummah is not just financially, but also physically and emotionally. Keep the aid consistent for Allah loves the deed most which is regular. And remember by helping others, we may be fixing their worldly affairs, but in reality we may be fixing our own hereafter.

We ask Allah to facilitate the affairs of the Ummah in the best of manners.
We ask Allah to bring ease to the Ummah by dealing with the oppressors swiftly.
We ask Allah to guide the Ummah in the direction which was followed by the early pious and righteous Muslims.


5 Tips To Help The Ummah - Sajid Umar

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Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.

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