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    Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore shine as top halal travel destinations

    Indonesia has for the first time joined Malaysia to take up the top spot on the Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2019, while Singapore retained its premier position as the top Muslim-friendly non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) destination for Muslim travellers. Climbing up from number two, Indonesia now shares the pole position with Malaysia, […] More

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    More than 150 Christians embrace Islam in Philippines during a 10 days collaborative Dawah program

    Dawah. It’s an obligation upon every Muslim – calling people to the path of Allāh with good speech and wisdom. From January 20th till 31st, a special collaborative Dawah program was arranged in Philippines. The result as one can read from the title was absolutely amazing – despite the amount of Islamophobia evident worldwide. Muslim […] More

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    Singapore’s Muslim Population To Overtake Christianity’s By 2050

    Assuming the government doesn’t do anything about it, that is… A study released on 2 April, 2015 by Washington-based think-tank Pew Research Centre included the religion trends of Singapore. Data from over 2500 sources was analysed over a period of six years, and this was what they found. 1. Islam and Hinduism are growing the […] More