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  • Alhumdulilah another soul saw the light and embraced it!

    Allahu Akbar! May Allah keep her firm and guide all those asking for guidance. She said she started studying about Islam during the pandemic, being home alone made her depressed and would ask God for guidance. She looked into the Bible and then the Quran. She found the Bible contradictory and confusing. She found the […] More

  • Allahu Akbar! Filipino Sister Became a Muslim!

    TAKBEER! 😃 Another soul has seen the light of Allah and embraced it wholeheartedly with knowledge and sincerity. The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for some people without a doubt, Alhumdulilah. May Allah continue to guide those who are seeking the truth to Islam and accept it, and keep us all on the […] More

  • Lockdowns and Isolations doesn’t stop Blessings and Guidance!

    Allahu Akbar! There are lockdowns and isolations, but it doesn’t stop blessings and guidance! Subhan’Allah the sister had worked in Saudi for 2 years but wasn’t exposed to Islam much. Only when she moved to Hong Kong and worked for a Muslim family, she was educated about Islam. After 1 month, she accepted Islam is […] More

  • 600 English & Tagalog Quran Translated Copies To Philippines

    Bulk #Qurans To #Philippines Dawah Team 💞 A #dawah organisation from Philippines got in touch with us to see if MCHK can support them, Alhumdulilah we did. 📚 We were grateful that we sent by sea cargo 500 copies of the Quran in English translation, 100 copies of the Quran in Tagalog translation and other […] More

  • Become MCHK Monthly Donor

    Become MCHK Monthly Donor.🙌 As we keep ourselves busy on the few days and nights of Ramadan, one of the best things we ought to do is to give in charity, especially sadaqa jariyah. ✊ I humbly invite you to become part of the MCHK educational and humanitarian work that we have been doing by […] More

  • Mohamed Salah inspired him to become a Muslim

    Ben Bird spoke to The Guardian‘s Tusdiq Din. Mohamed Salah really and honestly inspired me. I’m a Nottingham Forest season-ticket holder, I can be myself but because I made the declaration of faith I’m a Muslim. I’m still me and that’s what I took from Mohamed Salah. I’d love to meet him, just to shake […] More

  • Over 60 people embrace Islam in Oman in Ramadan 2019

    Nearly 70 people in Oman embraced Islam this Ramadan, according to the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs. This comes after the efforts of the Department of Islamic Information to raise awareness and enlighten people of different communities through various awareness programs and activities about the true meaning of Islam. The Ministry revealed in its […] More

  • Former American pastor says he converted to Islam ‘because of Saudi hospitality’

    An American pastor turned Muslim preacher has said the friendly treatment he received while visiting Saudi Arabia led him to convert to Islam. Samuel Earle Shropshire made the comments in an interview with semi-official Saudi news website Sabq published on Tuesday and further reported by Al Araby. The 70-year-old explained that when he first travelled […] More

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