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  • Recharged! • Hong Kong Street Dawah • 04-09-2021 & 05-09-2021

    ☝️ After weeks of unsettled weather, Alhumdulilah last weekend MCHK dawah teams managed to two fruitful days spreading Allah’s message. 🤝 Alhumdulilah few brothers at our Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwai Fung stalls invested their efforts for around 3-4 hours, we hope other locations will resume too in shā Allāh. 🌟 The highlight of the […] More

  • Making Mu’mins 2021-2022 | Children #Islamic Program

    🇭🇰 In the hustling and bustling city of Hong Kong, where time is the most valuable asset, would we want our children to get lost in it and not know their religion, especially in these times of great fitna? 📲 Register now – 🎉 Muslim Council of Hong Kong is super excited to announce […] More

  • Dhul Hijjah & Qurbani Q/A • Shaykh Muhammad Ali • Urdu Talk

    🌟 Last week we covered this topic in English, and this week it’s in Urdu whilst the Imam will address a number of common questions regarding Qurbanis. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong humbly invites you all, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, to attend this informative talk in person or by watching the live […] More

  • Islamic Summer Playgroup • 5-6-2021 & 12-6-2021

    🤩 Alhumdulilah, what a beautiful start to MCHK Youth Club’s first ever summer playgroup sessions as last 2 Saturdays our program got underway. 🥰 We had 2 groups of 5-9 years old boys and girls, totalling around 30-35 students, attending at the #MCHK centre, as they learnt about Allah, Islam, played games and did some […] More

  • Islamic Summer Playgroup 2021 • MCHK Youth Club

    Asalamualaikum Muslim Youth of Hong Kong! 🤩 MCHK Youth Club is introducing Islamic Summer Playgroup for the little Muslims in Hong Kong. From June to August 2021 in shā Allāh! 🤸The playgroup will include activities such as: Islamic games, Arts & Crafts, Reading Club and much more! 👦🏻👧🏻 Who can join? 🚸 Youth aged: 5-9 […] More

  • Special Leave Letter of Eid Ul Fitr 2021

    🎉 With Eid round the corner, we should be planning on how best to celebrate it and one of the things we should all be doing is trying our best to take a day off. 📝 Here is a letter which you can submit to your workplace, school or anywhere else to request a special […] More

  • Ramadan Reminders 1442/2021

    #Ramadan Reminders 1442/2021 🌟 We will be once again delivering a daily dose of emaan boosting, heartwarming and knowledge enhancing reminder series in shā Allāh throughout the blessed month. 🗣 9 multi national Hong Kong connected speakers. 🕰 Every day at 8pm HK time on MCHK YouTube channel in shā Allāh. More

  • Signs of Allah in His creations • Art Competition #2 • MCHK Youth Club

    MCHK Youth Club Art Competition 2021* (12-16 yrs old) – Signs of Allah in His creations 🖼 Here are the 5 top quality works of our youth reflecting and showcasing the splendid signs of Allah, art skills and giving us a wonderful reminder that HE is the best Creator of all Alhumdulilah. 😄 Subhaban’Allah, the […] More

  • Ramzan Ki Kasoosi Fazilatey • Shaykh Muhammad Ali • Urdu Talk

    Ramzan Ki Kasoosi Fazilatey • Shaykh Muhammad Ali • Urdu Talk 🌟 Under a week to go to Ramadan, it’s always refreshing and emaan boosting to know the special virtues of the month. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong wholeheartedly invites you all, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, to attend or watch this enlightening […] More

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