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  • Pakistan Water Well | March 2020

    Pakistan Water Well | March 2020 💞 In February, MCHK raised to build a solar panel deep water well in Pakistan as a form of sadaqa jariyah for Mohsin, a young brother who passed away in a tragic motorbike accident. 💧 Due to the pandemic situation, building the solar panel water station hasn’t been possible. […] More

  • Pakistani who saved up 43 years of his life to perform Hajj dies in Makkah

    A Pakistani who had saved money for 43 years of his life to perform the sacred deed of Hajj died in Makkah. This Pakistani pilgrim kept saving money for 43 years to be able to perform Hajj. He sold his fields and worked in the same fields that were once his property only to save […] More

  • University professor and Imam in Makkah passes away straight after prayer

    A Saudi university professor passed away on Wednesday, October 4, a few seconds after concluding Asr prayer in his mosque in Makkah. Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Elayhi Rajeoun. Shaykh Dr. Khaled Al-Qurashi, the professor of Da’wa ‘Islamic Call’ and Islamic Culture, was leading prayer in the mosque in Al-`Awali district in Makkah. He was Um […] More

  • “May Allah make us more big in Jannah not in dunya”, Cheick Tiote, Muslim ex-Newcastle footballer, last whatsapped his friend before he suddenly passed away

    On Monday, 5th June, 2017 in Beijing, China, Ivorian Muslim professional footballer Cheick Ismaël Tioté suddenly collapsed and died during a training session. Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Elayihi Rajeoun. He was just 30 years old. Naturally, it shocked the football world and tributes poured in by his friends and other renowned people. The most thought-provoking post […] More

  • The Muslim American who fosters the children no body else wants.

    An incredible story, reported by Los Angeles Times, of a Muslim man being a foster father for children, terminally ill children. A man who lives in USA, though originally from Libya, wonder how this would have been possible if he wasn’t allowed in with Trump’s immigration policies. The children were going to die. Mohamed Bzeek knew […] More

  • 4 lessons to learn from Junaid Jamshed’s life and death

    The tragic news of the PIA flight crashing in Havellian, Pakistan with all 47 people on board dieing has shocked us all. The trauma level increased further when it was confirmed that Junaid Jamshed, aged 52-year-old, was amongst the dead along with his wife. Yes, the deaths of all on board the plane were distressing, but when […] More