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  • Know Christianity’s Origin | 認識基督教的由來 | Hashim Siu | 由前基督徒皈依伊斯蘭

    認識基督教的由來,由前基督徒皈依伊斯蘭 Hashim Siu講 👤 蕭兄是位前基督徒,對基督教及伊斯蘭教有一定的認知下,最終接受了伊斯蘭教。他希望能分享他所學到的知識。 安拉在古蘭經多次提及基督徒, 我在眾使者之後續派麥爾彥之子爾撒以證實在他之前的《討拉特》,並賞賜他《引支勒》,其中有嚮導和光明,能證實在他之前的《討拉特》,並作敬畏者的嚮導和勸諫。 (5 : 46)馬堅譯本 Knowing Christianity’s Origin | Br Hashim Siu – A Revert to #Islam from #Christianity 👤 Br Hashim Siu is a former Christian who embraced Islam after extensively studying the doctrines of both faiths and coming to the conclusion the latter is the uncorrupted and final path from God Almighty. He’s a […] More

  • An entire village in the Philippines, 215 Christians embrace Islam

    A team of enthusiastic Muslims cooperating with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA) has witnessed a miracle on Sunday, November 11, with an entire village in the Philippines converting to Islam. As part of their Dawah Outreach work, the iERA team were invited by a Muslim convert, Abu Bakr, to the local mosque […] More

  • ‘Islam does not belong to Germany,’ says country’s new interior minister, leader of Bavaria-only Christian Social Union

    Another world leader categorically showing his hatred towards Islam. Germany’s new interior minister has declared “Islam does not belong to Germany”, directly contradicting Chancellor Angela Merkel in the opening days of her fourth term as the country’s leader as reported by the Independent. Horst Seehofer, Germany’s leading security official, made the comments to the Bild […] More

  • Study shows the number of American Muslims leaving Islam is being ofset by those embracing it, proving ‘Allah can/will replace us with better’

    A study has shown that more and more Americans are losing faith and identifying themselves as atheists. This is making all religions having a reduction in people following their faith with the singular exception of Islam. Approximately 23% of Americans who were born and raised Muslim no longer identify with the faith; this is very […] More

  • A Christian Filipino used to mock the Hijab, until she became a Muslim herself

    Muslim women wearing Hijab are often claimed to be oppressed, suppressed or having no choice of their own. My Hijab My Choice hopes to clear this misconception with real life stories from Muslim women connected to Hong Kong. Saidah Oliver, a Filipino who had spent much of her life in Hong Kong, used to mock those […] More

  • Singapore’s Muslim Population To Overtake Christianity’s By 2050

    Assuming the government doesn’t do anything about it, that is… A study released on 2 April, 2015 by Washington-based think-tank Pew Research Centre included the religion trends of Singapore. Data from over 2500 sources was analysed over a period of six years, and this was what they found. 1. Islam and Hinduism are growing the […] More

  • Religions are not on a decline and Islam is the fastest growing religion

    Are people giving up on religions and choosing to be atheists or agnostics? Or is this just a myth? Are religions needed or does science have all the answers? Which religion is increasing, which is decreasing and why? These are the questions that this article and the videos will answer. World religions on a decline? […] More

  • 9 Questions Interviewing The Bible and The Qur’ān

    Christianity and Islam are two religions which are followed by more than half of the 7 billion population of the world. Here is an excerpt putting to test the religious books of the two faiths in order to ponder over their respective origins, authenticity and above all the message. Please note, this is not a way of […] More