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    “It’s not easy being a girl”, an empowering message to the (Muslim) women and note to the men

    Like race discrimination, gender inequity continues to be a challenge for humankind to resolve. Noor Mastura, a Singaporean Muslim, took to her Facebook account to let out a frustration which many women, specifically Muslim women, can relate to. Noor describes herself to beĀ an interfaith advocate, a philomath (one who loves learning) and a pogonophile (one […] More

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    Greatest message of equality was given by Prophet Muhammad, said Justice Sachar

    By saying that Arabs have no superiority over non-Arabs and Whites have no superiority over Blacks, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered the greatest message of equality centuries ago, said Justice Rajinder Sachar (a non-Muslim) former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court while speaking at an event by India Tomorrow in August 2016. Speaking […] More