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    Former Pro-Nazi Islamophobe German MP, Werner Klawun embraced Islam at the age of 75-years-old

    Late July 2016, German MP of the National Democratic Party (NDP) of the extreme right, Werner Klawun, reverted¬†to Islam at the age of 75 years. Werner, which was previously known by its fierce opposition to immigration and refugees, is now of the biggest supporters of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Such inspiring stories continue […] More

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    Munich Terrorist Inspired By Far-Rights, White Supermacists & Islamophobes, Not ISIS – Are We Still Outraged?

    So now that the terrorist, yes the terrorist that shot and killed 10 people in Munich was inspired by far-rights and not by ISIS, the media and the authorities have been very different in their reporting and valuation of the event. The double standards and the hypocrisy continues to be exposed.¬† As usual, since he’s […] More