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    Mentally ill man tried to set himself on fire near the Kaaba

    Saudi security forces successfully prevented a man from setting himself alight beside the Kaaba inside Makkah’s Grand Mosque late on Monday as reported by various Saudi news media. The man, who police said shows signs of mental illness, tried to set himself alight with gasoline but was arrested before he could do so. The media […] More

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    “As a Palestinian Muslim, I’m not rejoicing Israel’s wildfires”, whilst Palestinian firemen help putting out fire

    Wildfires in Israel’s third largest city Haifa, Israel has led to more than 80,000 people to be evacuated from their homes. The fires follow a two-month drought and are being fanned by strong winds in the north of the city. Wildfires are also threatening homes near Jerusalem and in the West Bank. The incident has led […] More