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    More Than 82 Killed By Pro-Assad Troops, But Know Aleppo Did Not Fall, Aleppo Resisted. Humanity Fell, Humanity Failed Them!

    Syrian pro-government forces have carried out at least 82 execution-style killings of civilians in recent days, including women and children, the UN said Tuesday, citing credible reports from the ground as reported by SBS. The United Nations human rights office said it had received reports of “pro-government forces killing at least 82 civilians including 11 […] More

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    Meet the Muslim superhero toy smuggler from Finland to Aleppo

    Rami Adham lives in Finland and risks his life regularly to bring smiles on the faces of little Syrian children inside the most dangerous place on Earth right now – Aleppo, Syria. He’s been labelled the toy smuggler of Aleppo. He said in a video to Suomi Syria Whiteso: “You know, I’m called Uncle Toy […] More