Adeel Malik

Founder and Chairman

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural person. With secondary education from Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong, a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and Business Studies in Scotland combined with Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in English Language in Hong Kong, he envisions a bright future for Muslims in Hong Kong and worldwide which he strongly believes can only be done with education, perseverance and having a positive mindset.

With him being a secondary school teacher, it is another sign of his love for education and being the eldest child in the family, he has equipped himself to be a responsible and organized individual.

In 2015, alongside two other members, he set up Muslim Council of Hong Kong as a means of educating and clearing misconceptions about Islam within the locals in Hong Kong, as he felt there were certain gaps that needed to be filled. Moreover, he wanted to provide a platform through which people can donate towards trustworthy, reliable and pertinent humanitarian causes. This enabled him to put into action the third motive of MCHK which is to collaborate with people and organizations that have similar aims.

His hobbies include spending family time as he’s a father of one. He’s also an active social media networker with his posts circulating around Islam, news, politics, and entertainment. Being a Pakistani, cricket is in the blood, as they say, while being a Muslim, the hunger for gaining authentic knowledge, implementing it and spreading it remains his everyday endeavor.

People who know him endorse him of being an honest, approachable and hardworking person who strives for bringing people together while keeping a sense of humor and a likable personality.

Mohamed Ali Diallo

Deputy Chairman

Born in Guinea (Conakry), West Africa, where Ali completed his high school education and equipped himself with a degree in management through the University of Conakry. His desire for further education led him to pursue his studies in Economics & Management at “Universite Notre Dame de la Paix” in Belgium, followed by a certificate in ICT (Barnet College) and a Diploma in Economics (Open University) in the UK and after completing his Diploma, he worked as a Chief Accountant for 2 years before joining the University of Hertfordshire as an Administrator for another 2 years.

He has been in the business and entrepreneurship field since 2005, when he started a family trading business in China, which was followed by him moving to Hong Kong in 2009 when he opened his company’s branch here. Currently, he is the Co-Founder & Director (2011 till now) of Globenet Droid Ltd which specializes in Electronics and Smart products. He is someone who yearns to tap into any potential market and thus he deals with various projects and work types, including mining, green energy, construction, machinery & equipment, trading, logistics, consultancy and much more.

Being the current President of the African Community of Hong Kong, he felt he can use MCHK as a platform through which the African Muslim community can have a voice and the two can benefit one another. Thus, he became one of the co-founders.

His hobbies include constantly improving his knowledge base about Islam and the worldly affairs whilst giving a helping hand to whoever needs it.

Syed Ridwan Elahi

Vice Chairman

A happily married and a grateful father, Ridwan was born in Bangladesh before he moved to Hong Kong at a very young age. He has lived in Hong Kong for 80% of his life, while he has also studied and spent time growing up in Sydney, Australia. After returning back to Hong Kong from Australia, he joined his father to build their family’s trading business and has since been an assiduous backbone to his entire family.

His reason for joining Muslim Council of Hong Kong was simple – to help groom the Muslim youth in Hong Kong for he felt there was not much being done in terms of creative and innovative education about Islam.

At first, he envisioned of opening an education center of his own, but then when he heard about MCHK, he realized it’s best to join hands for the betterment of the society. He felt the potential with MCHK is aplenty and he wanted to use this platform to build for his hereafter life.

Ridwan’s hobbies include spending quality time with his family, surfing the internet and exploring new technologies. He has a strong desire for Muslims to come together for the greater good and for the Ummah to be one which is knowledgeable, actively involved in good deeds and carrying a compassionate character.

Mazharul Islam Khandaker

Honourable Secretary

Known to be philosophical and a rational thinker, Mazhar was born in Bangladesh where he spent his early youth. He then moved to Hong Kong at the age of 16 and has since completed his higher education. After doing so, he initiated his career path and is currently the Creative Director of a Manufacturing company in Hong Kong.

Being a part of Muslim Council of Hong Kong was an easy decision for Mazhar to make, as he felt improvements in the facilities and the well-being of the Muslim community in Hong Kong were required, and MCHK enabled him to be part of just that.

He is someone who likes to analytically look into projects undertaken by MCHK and that makes him a useful asset as he is also well connected with the Bangladeshi community in Hong Kong.

In his free time, he enjoys being involved in teaching roles where he can pass on his knowledge and skills to the future generations. Being a deep thinker, he also has a passion for poetry and other similar intellectual concepts.

Omaru Nimaga

Honourable Treasurer

Coming from the Chinese background and being young, Omaru envisions himself to be

Wahyudi, Arief

Public Liaison Officer

He was born and grew up in Indonesia. He worked as an IT consultant in Jakarta until his company relocated him to Hong Kong in the year 2000. He still currently works in IT space for an airline in Hong Kong. He is widely known by the Indonesian community by his childhood name, Didi or Pak Didi (pak is a title of respect in Indonesian).

Not long after his relocation, he started to have concerns on problems faced by the Indonesian migrant workers that could have been easily avoided by better knowledge & education. He became active in spending weekends in social and religious activities mostly with the Indonesian community. Being passionate in learning himself, he regularly delivers classes primarily on Islamic basic tenets (aqidah).

He and his wife Medya (whom he refers to as his dakwah sidekick) are both advisors of a migrant workers’ organization in Hong Kong.

Hajamaideen, Mohamed Yusoof

Public Liaison Officer

Ashraff, Jamal Mohamed

Honourable Advisor