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    Halloweening the hell out of Halloween

    It’s that time of the year again. Halloween. Though they have their importance, but instead of citing Hadiths and Fatwas on the rights and wrongs, here is my two-cents worth. To begin with, we Muslims are often too embarrassed to admit their seemingly harmless celebrations can be a bit more fun than ours but instead […] More

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    When will Allah help Syria?

    If you think you have done enough for the people of Syria or have decided to wash your hands of it given the hopeless situation, cry. When you have wept enough, pray for those 470,000 lives who have fallen in Syria – and for yourself for failing them. We Muslims are all failing the innocent […] More

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    Bitcoin: As a Muslim, can I bite it or will I get bitten?

    Note: This article is based on the personal opinion of the author, and by no way a fatwa on the bitcoin issue. In an era swamped with endless news feeds, we find ourselves constantly finding ways to make a quick buck within the shortest time possible. As a timely example, cryptocurrency is all the rage and […] More