6-year-old Muslim boy saw an old Chinese woman begging, find out what he did.

A Muslim family living in Hong Kong were on their way to meet another Muslim family for an outing over the weekend. As they came out of the train station, there was an old Chinese woman on the side begging for money.

The family were about to go past, until the 6 years old son of theirs stopped and said to his mother:

“Mummy, I want to, I want to give some money to that woman please.”

The mother gave some and the father seeing how excited the son was to give also took out some money and handed to him to take to the woman.


As he went close to the woman, she looked up with astonishment in her eyes seeing a little boy giving her money.

He put the money and gave her a shy smile. The old woman cracked a beautiful smile and made a hand gesture which Chinese people normally make in order to say “Thank you”. She waved bye to him and he waved bye to her.


The whole episode was indeed heartwarming. And this isn’t the first time the young boy has done such a noble act. Here’s him in the UK. The father asked his son about the experience. He asked him why he wanted to give her the money, to which the 6-year-old replied:

“Because she was old and had her hand out with a little bag in front of her…”

The father then asked how did it make the woman feel, he replied:

“She did this (doing the hand movement), and then she was so happy.”


Finally, the father asked how did it make him feel and any other reason for this act, the son said:

“I felt good and I know Allah will feel happy too.”

Later on in the day, he saw another begger and yes he did the same.

Such events are not planned and at times they give us something to reflect and ponder upon more than those which are planned. Instilling good values like such into our children is essential if we want them to be people which bring benefit to the society wherever they may be.

Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.

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