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  • Ramadan in Syria Appeal 2018 & Report

    🍃 The most blessed month is almost near, and while most of us won’t have much issue in having enough food for suhoor and iftar, however there are those who won’t, especially in places like Syria. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong are yet again partnering with One Nation who have been aiding the people of Syria […] More

  • Sri Lanka Emergency 2018 Appeal & Report

    Alhumdulilah we have managed to raise HK19,000 for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka to give them a small helping hand in recovering from the calamity that befell them.  May Allah accept from all those who donated and protect our Ummah worldwide from the zalimun.   🚨 Yet another Muslim community is under attack by […] More

  • Chinese Quran 2000 Copies 2018 Appeal & Report

     Allahu Akbar! A special day for us! Alhumdulilah, by the great mercy of Allah, we have received the traditional Chinese Quran 2000 copies at our centre!  😁 By Allah, we are super happy for having this becoming a reality. Please check the pictures to see the copy including the invoice showing the full HK$32,000 being spent. 📖 Without […] More

  • Somalia Sewing Machines 2018 Appeal & Report

    Alhumdulilah!  ✊ The target of raising HK$15,000 to fund 20 sewing machines for our mothers and sisters in Somalia has been reached!  🤲 May Allah accept from all and bring ease to those in need. 🇸🇴 Our mothers and sisters in Somalia are in real need to purchase sewing machines so that they can self-support themselves of their livelihood. […] More

  • At The Peak 2018 Aid Appeal

    📖 The best of gatherings is one in which the speech of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) is being mentioned and to support that gathering is an undeniable act of Al-Birr (goodness and piety).  🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong are humbled to be an official partner of Serving Islam Team’s upcoming At The […] More

  • Uganda Masjid Tahfiz Deep Water Well With Taps 2018 Appeal& Report

    Alhumdulilah! The target of HK$28,000 has been reached by the mercy of Allah and then your generous donations!  Jazak’Allahum Khayr to the donors and we ask Allah to accept this from us like all other good deeds of ours. 🇺🇬 900-1000 people around a masjid in Uganda is in desperate need of a deep water well as the […] More

  • 100 Syrian Orphans 2018 – 1 Full Year Support Appeal

    📥 Last year, MCHK undertook this appeal and managed to raise more than £21,000 (HK$220,000) Alhumdulilah. The children need our support this year again, will we respond again in shā Allāh? 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong is once again partnering with Task Force Green Lane Masjid and Human Appeal – UK who are on the grounds supporting Syrian Orphans who are […] More

  • Somalia Deep Water Well 2018 | In Memory of Brother Ali Banat (rahimullah)

    🌟 Alhumdulilah! We have gone past HK$60,000! This in 5 days. This by the mercy and decree of Allah. This mean we have raised enough to build two water wells in shā Allāh! 💕 Jazak’Allahum Khayr to all who donated and know your reward is with the Rab who is Most Generous and All-Knowing.  🤲 May Allāh Azzawajal […] More

  • Ramadan 2018 5 Appeals

    ⚠️ Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population, that’s 3 billion people living under poverty with 1 billion of them children. Some of the most badly affected are the people of Syria, Palestine, Yemen,Rohingya and Somalia. 🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong are partnering with their regular five registered charity organisations who have workers on the respective grounds aiding people including women and […] More

  • Pakistan Solar Panel 3rd Water Well 2018 Appeal | On Behalf Of Your Parents

    Allahu Akbar!  3 water wells target have been surpassed! More than HK90,000 have been donated over the last 10 days of Ramadan. Alhumdulilah!  The extra amount raised will be put towards similar water projects. May Allah accept from all the donors as always and record this as hasanah for their parents. 💦 We started this appeal […] More

  • Pakistan Solar Panel 2nd Water Well Appeal 2018 | On Behalf Of Your Parents

    💓 Alhumdulilah! The second water well target reached! Yes, again, this is due to Allah’s mercy and then YOU wonderful and generous people! Subhan’Allah this Ummah is just awesome!  🤲 May Allah accept from each and every donor and make this a long long sadaqa jariyah for all involved. ✊ There’s still 2-3 days in Ramadan, so we […] More

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