Islam – Do I know?


1.年齡組別 (Your age group)

2. 性別 (Your gender)

3. 族裔 (Ethnicity)

4. 信仰 (Religion)

5. 用三個單字來形容伊斯蘭教。(請簡短回答)

[Three words that come to your mind when you think of Islam? (Short Answers)]

6. 你知道伊斯蘭教對主宰的定義嗎?(Do you know what is the understanding of God in Islam?)

7. 在伊斯蘭教義中你知道誰是穆罕默德(願主福安之)嗎?
[Do you know who is  Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Islam?]

8. 你相信有死後的世界存在嗎?為什麼?(Do you believe in life after death? Why?)

9. 你覺得伊斯蘭教是個提倡暴力的宗教嗎?(Do you feel Islam is a violent religion?)

10。 當你遇見有鬍子的穆斯林時,你會想到什麼呢?(請簡短回答)[When you see a Muslim man with a beard, what comes to your mind? (Short answers)]

11. 你覺得伊斯蘭國(ISIS)是伊斯蘭教的一部分嗎?
(Do you think ISIS is part of Islam?)

12. 你覺得媒體上報導的伊斯蘭教中肯嗎?
(Do you feel the media tells everything right about Islam?)

13. 你覺得女士在伊斯蘭教內受到打壓嗎?
(Do you feel women are oppressed in Islam?)

14. 你覺得女士在伊斯蘭教的教義中有任何權利嗎?
(Do you feel women have rights in Islam?)

15. 你覺得伊斯蘭教與華人能兼容嗎?
(Do you think Islam and Chinese people can combine?)

16. 假設你當僱主,你會否考慮聘請穆斯林嗎?
(If you were a boss, would you employ Muslims?)

17. 你知道什麼是清真食物嗎?(Do you know what is halal food?)

18. 你知道什麼是古蘭經(可蘭經)嗎?(Do you know what is the Quran?)

19. 你有興趣了解伊斯蘭教嗎?(Would you like to learn more about Islam?)

20. 你想要中文譯本的古蘭經(可蘭經)嗎?
(Would you like a copy of the Quran in Chinese language?)

Written by Rashid Baba


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