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Understanding Islam 了解伊斯蘭教 ~ Interview 訪問 with PassionTimes 熱血…


Understanding Islam 了解伊斯蘭教

Understanding Islam 了解伊斯蘭 | Interview with PassionTimes 熱血時報 時報訪問 | Part 1/3 第一部份

香港穆斯林委員會的創辦人 Adeel Malik 接受熱血時報的報導員奇奧訪問,談及伊斯蘭信仰和弄明白某些對於伊斯蘭的誤解。

Muslim Council of Hong Kong's founder Adeel Malik was invited for an exclusive interview by Passion Times presenter Kiyo Fung to talk about the Islamic faith and clearing certain misconceptions about Islam. 

在這視頻中,Adeel Malik 談及被英國的 IERA 和 Mission Dawah 宣道機構採用的 GORAP 技巧。他解釋為何必定有一位神 (G - God’s existence 神的存在)。然後,為何神必定只能得一位 (O - Oneness 神的獨一性)。繼而談及有關神的啓示的必要性,以告訴我們什麼是對和錯 (R - Revelation 啓示)。最後 (A - And 和),必須有眾先知為人類展示如何把理論付諸實踐 (P - Prophethood 先知任命)。而伊斯蘭的五個支柱也被討論。

In this video, Adeel Malik talked about Islam using the GORAP technique which is used by IERA UK and Mission Dawah. He explains why there has to be a God. Then, why that God can only be One. Moving on talking about the need for Revelations from God to tell what's right and wrong. Finally to include the need for Prophets to show us how to book the theory into practice for human beings. The 5 pillars were also discussed. 

第二部份 Part 2 of 3 -…/vb.1427891357…/1722461338019202/…

第三部份 Part 3 of 3 -…/vb.1427891357…/1726300404301962/…


It was a blessing for us to be able to given this stage by a Non-Muslim channel. we thank them and pray for them to be guided on the right path. 


We, at #MCHK are always looking for such opportunities to #educate the masses, #collaborate with whosoever can and bring the message of Islam to the Chinese public as well as intentionally. 


Written by Rashid Baba


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