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Rohingya Crisis Relief Appeal


Rohingya Crisis Relief Appeal

Muslim Council of Hong Kong

〽️ The situation continues to worsen for those seeking refuge as the numbers increase each day, almost 500,000 have fled Burma and entered Bangladesh over the last 2 weeks.

🤝 Muslim Council of Hong Kong are partnering with Self Reliant Society, a local Bangladeshi charity who have been helping the Rohingya refugees since 2010. We aim to help 15,500 families in the short term emergency support and long term too in sha Allah.

💌 Your donations, by the mercy of Allah, will help for the following:

🍚 Food = HK$220 (US$27.75) per family = rice, oil, onion, potato, salt, daal, flour and red chilli = 1 bag can feed a family for 1 week in sha Allah.

💦 Hand Tube Wells = HK$1,700 (US$220) per family = 110 sqft deep and able to provide water for minimum 2-3 years in sha Allah.

⛺️ Small Shelter Homes = HK$1,400 (US$175) per family = 180 sqft = 7-10 people = Bamboo and Plastics structure. Brick walls will only be built once the Bangladeshi government permits in sha Allah.

💊 Medicine = Plan to have a 2 days medical camp for primary treatment on a regular basis in sha Allah.

🚽 Sanitation = To provide better toilet services.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) having said for those who help others in need:

❝Whoever helps ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter.❞ [Sahih Muslim 2699]

👐 May Allah reward everyone who contributes to this project and every other similar project and may He grant ease to those who are suffering.


Written by Rashid Baba


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