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Open Your Ramadan Fasts With MCHK | Free Dates Distribution | 18-05-2018


Open Your Ramadan Fasts With MCHK | Free Dates Distribution

Muslim Council of Hong Kong

🌙 Alhumdulilah the most blessed month is in full swing and we at Muslim Council of Hong Kong, for the second year, decided to share the food that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to open his fasts with - dates! 

💝 Yesterday after Jummah Salah, we handed out 130 packets of dates, each packet having the Sunnah number of 7 dates each. The people were in smiles as they got the free dates. Alongside this, we have also been dispatching free dates boxes to various Consulates and Muslim organisations in Hong Kong. 

🕋 There's two ahadeeth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) that we are keeping in mind and putting in action with this act. 

❝Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.❞ 

(Ahmad & Al-Nasai)

❝Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another.❞ 


🤲 May Allah accept this service from us and increase the love within the Ummah.

Written by Rashid Baba


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