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MCHK Free Food Bags Drive


MCHK Free Food Bags Drive

Muslim Council of Hong Kong

✊️ Alhumdulilah the Hong Kong #Muslims in need have been coming to collect these free bags of food aid from the MCHK Centre. There are 80 bags remaining. Please come if you need + spread the word. 

🤝 We were given 200 free food bags by SUNSHINE ACTION 耀陽行動 to be given to needy Muslims in Hong Kong. Currently, the bags are being given out to Muslim refugees, asylum seekers, domestic helpers and others with large families but low income in Hong Kong. Those who have picked up include Africans, Indonesians, Arabs and South Asians. 

🍽 Each bag has 

1) A canned tuna in sunflower seed oil
2) A canned sweet corn
3) A bag of white rice (2.5 kg)
4) A bag of macaroni or fusili (800g-1kg)
5) A packet of cookies from St. Honore
6) A bottle of abalone sauce
7) Some mini cakes
8) 2 pcs set of medical patches 
9) A mini-set of body wash-shampoo
10) A 600ml bottle of soy sauce 

📥 If you want to be part of the reward for such projects, you any become MCHK's monthly donor in sha Allah, please drop us a message if you would like to be one, even if it's just HK$100 a month. 

👐 May Allah accept this service from us and ease the affairs of the needy.

Written by Rashid Baba


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