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Making Mu’mins 2018 | Saturday Islamic School


Making Mu’mins | Saturday Islamic School

💌 Alhumdulilah the first classes kicked off last Saturday and here’s a heartwarming email from a 13 year old whose parents had enrolled her into the Mega Girls section.

🌿 Alhumdulilah 22 students have registered so far. We are still accepting for the program. This is the last chance. Mini Mu’mins (6-8 years old) is full. Mighty (9-12), Mega Boys (13-17) and Mega Girls (13-17) still have limited slots. 

📣 Grab your chance to still enrol your child(ren)! HURRY UP! LIMITED SEATS! Parents, students and teachers have all provided positive feedback overall, Alhumdulilah.

🇭🇰 In a hustling and bustling city of Hong Kong, where time is the most valuable asset, would we want our children to get lost in it and not know their religion?

🎉 Muslim Council of Hong Kong are super excited to announce its first ever weekend Islamic school!

🕋 Prophet Muhammad (s) said clearly about the importance of being strong physically, intellectually and spiritually:

❝The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, but there is goodness in both of them.❞

(Sahih Muslim 2664)

🤝 We are humbled to work together with Ad Duha Institute, who are based in the USA and operating since 2003 providing high quality and authentic Islamic education to all age groups.

👨‍🏫 We have teachers who are incredibly professional, creative and above all passionate in conducting this precious duty.

👦🏻👧🏻 The classes are categorized by age (6-17 years old) into 4 groups (Mini, Mighty, Mega Boys and Mega Girls) in order to make sure each group is properly catered for in terms of the content taught and the exciting activities.

📚 The teaching material will equip the children with core Islamic teachings such as Tawheed, Shirk, Quran, Sunnah, Prophets (as), Sahaba (r), Salah and Duas.

🗓 Started from 13th October, 2018 Alhumdulilah and every Saturday respectively unless there’s a public holiday or other unforeseen circumstances.

💵 HK$90 per class. 24 classes. HK$2,160 for full semester. Payment can be made as one lump sum or in 2 instalments. HK$180 for the book. All proceeds go to class costs, admin work and MCHK dawah work.

 As parents, you will not be disappointed and will be making a vital investment not just for your children but for your own book of deeds too in shā Allāh.

🤲 May Allah enable us to fulfil our duties as shepherds of our children by providing them with a good overall education.


Written by Rashid Baba


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Making Mu’mins 2018 | Saturday Islamic School

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