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Making Mu’mins | Saturday Islamic Classes | 2nd Lessons | 20-10-2018


Making Mu’mins | Saturday Islamic Classes

At MCHK Centre

Muslim Council of Hong Kong

💌 Alhumdulilah the second set of lessons for all four sections were undertaken with a combo between information instilling, activities and Q/A.

🌿 The topic of the class was knowing what is shirk, the various forms of it and why to avoid it completely. 

💖 Alhumdulilah it brings great joy and humility to know we are able to provide a safe and comfortable environment where our future can be equipped regarding the basics of Islam in a informative and fun way.

🤲 May Allah enable us to fulfil our duties as shepherds of our children by providing them with a good overall education

Written by Rashid Baba


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