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Exploring Surah Al Asr – Part 2 | Br Isa Ma


Exploring Surah Al Asr - Part 2

From 19:45 until 20:45

At MCHK Centre

Exploring Surah al-#Asr - Part 2 | Br. Isa Ma

📖 In August, brother Isa delivered the first part relating to us some of the divine wisdom and lessons to be learned from this surah which contains just 3 verses

👤 Brother Isa Ma is a young and charismatic individual who is eager to improve his knowledge base while sharing what he has learned in a self-reflecting way.

🕋 Imam Shafi’i (rahimullah) says that if people thought about Surah Al-Asr carefully, it would be enough for their #guidance.

Written by Rashid Baba


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