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Az-Zubayr ibn Al-Awwam (Radhi’Allah Annhu) • The 10 Promised Jannah Series • Arief Wahyudi


From 19:45 until 20:45

Az-Zubayr ibn Al-Awwam (Radhi’Allah Annhu) The 10 Promised #Jannah Series Arief Wahyudi

🌟 If you were to be asked 10 names of players in a sports team or other entertainment fields, most of us won’t have any issue saying them. But, what about the 10 great men whom the greatest man (s) promised Jannah for, do we know them?

🗂 This is the 2nd episode, it will be on from Zubayr (Radhi’Allah Annhu), known for his bravery, never missed a battle which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) fought and again one of the early reverts to Islam.

👤 Brother Arief Wahyudi is a passionate and charismatic speaker who has been a seeker of knowledge for years and delivering lectures and talks esepcially to his community.

🕋 Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ❝Abu Bakr is in Paradise. Umar is in Paradise. Uthman is in Paradise. Ali is in Paradise. Talhah is in Paradise. Al-Zubayr is in Paradise. Abdur Rahman ibn ‘Awf is in Paradise. Sa’d is in Paradise. Sa’id is in Paradise. Abu ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah is in Paradise.❞ [Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3747]

Written by Adeel Malik

Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Scotland and ethnically Pakistani, Adeel primes himself to be a multicultural individual who is an advent social media user for the purpose of learning and propagating Islam while is also a sports fan. Being an English teacher himself, he envisions a bright future for Muslims which he strongly believes can only be done with education.


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