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    Non-Muslims respond brilliantly to the American Christian mother who wanted to ban Islamic teachings in schools

    Michelle Edmisten is angry. The Christian mother from Tennessee is upset that her daughter learned basic facts about the Islamic faith in her seventh grade social studies class. Specifically, the class was expected to know that Islam’s holy book is called the Quran, and that there are five pillars of Islam that include performing ritual […] More

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    An American Non-Muslim Mother Says, I’m Not Religious, But I am Sending My Son To An Islamic School

    Here is an inspiring story of a non-religious American mother who happily enrolled his son to an Islamic school in Atlanta. I attended ILM’s Meet the Board meeting last night, and another parent complimented my bold choice. With greatest respect to the compliment he meant, I disagree. I chose ILM because it has a STEAM/Montessori-blend […] More