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    Masjid Al-Aqsa’s Friday prayer cancelled by Israel security force, first time in 17 years

    Israel has put Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on total shutdown, canceling Friday prayers for the first time in almost two decades as reported by StepFeed. This comes after three suspected Palestinians opened fire against Israeli security forces near Al-Aqsa compound, killing two Israelis, before being shot dead by Israeli police. Thousands of Muslims gather in Al-Aqsa […] More

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    Israeli activists hold a barbecue in front of a prison to taunt Palestinian hunger strikers

    Hardhearted activists hold food party outside Ofer military prison, north of Jerusalem, where prisoners have joined a hunger strike in protest at prison conditions as reported by Middle East Eye. A group of Israeli hardliners taunted Palestinian detainees on hunger strike by barbecuing outside a prison, saying they hoped the smell would make their abstention […] More

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    Debunking Russia’s Lies And Refuting Those Defending Bashar Al-Assad

    It’s been more than 6 years since the devastating Syria Civil War has been ongoing. The massacred are in the millions. The injured are in the millions. The displaced are in the millions. The continued oppressed are in the millions. On Tuesday, more than 80 people, including at least 30 children and 20 women, were […] More

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    Going through a tough time in life? This message is for you!

    Let’s be real, we all go through some tough times, challenges and low moments in life. But how we deal with them vary from person to person. Here’s some pertinent advice from Ustadh Abu Eesa through Facebook. Every single person on this planet is going through their own trial, whether part of a general fitnah or their […] More

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    YouTube and WhatsApp inspires a Hong Kong Muslim teenager to wear the Hijab, by choice

    Muslim women wearing Hijab are often claimed to be oppressed, suppressed or having no choice of their own. My Hijab My Choice hopes to clear this misconception with real life stories from Muslim women connected to Hong Kong. The following is the story of Rameen, a 19-year-old Hong Kong Muslim teenage student’s journey to Hijab. […] More

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    Chinese Muslims In Uyghur Forced To Be Spyed On By Fellow Villagers During Ramadan

    Villagers in a remote part of northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang region are being forced by local authorities to spy on their Muslim neighbors, watching constantly for behavior deemed “suspicious” or opposed to Beijing’s rule over the mostly Muslim Uyghur region, sources say. This comes after seeing how certain states have experienced a rise in Islamophobia […] More

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