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    New marks to help pilgrims performing Tawaf of Kaaba

    Makkah — For the first time, the covering cloth of the Kaaba, also known as Kiswa, will have a new addition to indicate the starting and ending points of circumambulation — or Tawaf — around the sacred structure. This will help pilgrims count the number of Tawaf they have performed. The gilded four lantern shaped […] More

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    Fittingly, Saudi Shoura proposes women-only timings for Black Stone ritual

    The Committee for Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia’s Shoura council is currently studying a proposal presented by one of its members for allocating specific women-only timings for kissing the Black Stone ritual during Hajj and Umrah proceddings as reported by Al-Arabiya. The proposal put forth by Modhi Aldeghaither includes setting three specific times during the […] More

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    King Salman cuts down salaries of all government employees by 20%

    Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has ordered to cut down salaries of all government employees. All government employees will be having a negative impact upon their salaries and no one is exempt from it including deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman who is also the son of King Salman. The reduction in […] More

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    Hindu prisoner embraces Islam and performs Hajj

    Islamophobes and other far-rights are quick to point fingers to Islam and Muslims for having poor treatment for non-Muslims. Stories like these shall clear those misconceptions. A Hindu man, who is serving a prison term for giving bribery, embraced Islam few days ago and was allowed, together with a number of prisoners, to perform Haj […] More

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    Makkan Taxi Driver Offered Free Ride To Hajj Pilgrims

    With Hajj coming to a close, a heartwarming picture was captured of a taxi having a sign in Arabic: The sign says: Welcome Hujjaj of Allah’s house. Ride for free (no need to pay)! Clearly the compassionate driver wanted to take the opportunity of Hajj to grab some priceless rewards. Such stories won’t make the mainstream media, […] More

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    26,000 health officials and 4,600 scouts employed to serve the Hajj pilgrims

    The Ministry of Health has fielded 26,000 of its officials to serve the guests of Allāh during Hajj, a senior official from the ministry said here Thursday: The officials include medical, administrative and technical teams from different regions of the Kingdom, and they have already occupied their respective positions. More than 4,500 scouts will also […] More

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