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    Hyundai Korean CEO had joined Muslim employees by fasting in Ramadan, awed by their dedication to the religion

    Mong Hyun Yoon, CEO of Korean automobile company Hyundai, had released a heartfelt letter wishing his Muslim employees a happy Ramadan as reported by Malaysian Digest.

    He addressed the letter to his employees in the Hyundai Assan Otomotive Sanayi (HAOS), Hyundai’s longest-serving plant outside of Korea located in Izmit, Turkey.

    The letter in Turkish

    He decided to join his employees in fasting since last year, to “be one with the HAOS family in their thoughts and understand them.”

    Initially, he was not affected much by fasting. However after a few days, he admitted to look forward to the time of breaking fast.

    “Whilst I was in the office and seeing the difficulty of the fast (among staff), our assembly line was fasting without any water and as a foreigner this left me in awe.”

    “I wanted to express my joy and I’m proud of you,” wrote Yoon, as he was impressed by the employees’ willingness to fulfil the religious obligation and not seeing it as a chore.

    From fasting, Yoon expressed that he could understand the daily ordeals of the poor and needy, as stated in the Quran. He also conveyed his appreciation towards the low-income groups in doing the hard jobs for the company.

    “There are a lot of people around us who work in low incomes. These people do what they do because of us, they do the work we do not want to,” he wrote.

    “With the blessings of Ramadan I hope we recognise these people and thank them and I hope it is a Ramadan where we learn to share with them.”

    As a sign of appreciation, the company will distribute cheques to help the employees’ household in shopping for iftar. On top of that, extra breaks and special menus for fasting food will also be designated.

    Yoon also reminded the employees to abide by the safety measures before ending the letter, as working in plants involve dangerous tasks. He ended his touching letter by saying:

    “I hope at the end of this holy month it is a festival in which all of the families of HAOS celebrate with smiles.

    “May Ramadan bring blessings to your houses and goodness to your families.”

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    15 people from various nationalities embrace Islam during a Ramadan event in Oman

    Ramadan, the blessed month is almost over, and as always it leaves it’s beautiful impact on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    In Oman, the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs organised a second edition of their annual Ramadan event at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. This time, it became even more fruitful as 15 people of different nationalities converted to Islam as reported by Times Of Oman.

    Read Also: 72 embrace Islam during Ramadan in Oman

    The event was held earlier this month and it was part of an introductory talk on Islam. Listening to what was being presented to them, the fifteen expatriates did not hesitate to acknowledge the truth they heard and in public declared their decision to embrace Islam.

    The event saw wide participation, as it targeted non-Muslim communities in the Sultanate, including a number of ambassadors and dignitaries. The guest speaker at the event was the Muslim preacher Shaykh Khalid Yassin from the United States.

    Shaykh Yassin spoke on the prominent markers of Islam, and how Islam is growing across the world, especially with regards to his experience in America.

    He also spoke on Oman’s role in the dissemination of Islam and the country’s efforts in this regard. He thanked Oman’s leadership, government and people for their contribution to spreading Islam and its tolerant teachings.

    The event also opened questions and answers with the audience, about Islam and its message.

    Event staff also offered a hijab wearing tutorial for non-Muslim women, along with commemorative photos.

    “Through its various activities and programmes in the Sultanate, the ‘Introduction to Islam and Cultural Exchange’ Department at the Ministry seeks to introduce people to Islam, and to correct the false image of the religion,” a representative said.

    “The Department has endeavored to raise awareness about Islam in non-Muslim communities residing in the Sultanate.”

    Oman has a population of nearly 3 million people, with the majority being Muslims. It is tolerant towards people of all faiths, but through such Islamic events, it allows those of other faiths than Islam an opportunity to learn about the religion and as it can be seen even accept it.

    If you are a non-Muslim reading this, why not read the Quran for yourself and judge the religion from the original scripture. Allah, God Almighty says in Quran 10:24:

    “Thus do We explain the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, laws, etc.) in detail for the people who reflect.”

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    Qatari pilgrims are in the Grand Mosque of Allah as Saudi management says House of Allah is open for all

    Umrah pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque in Makkah refuted rumors being circulated by certain media to belittle the Kingdom’s efforts in the service of pilgrims as reported by Saudi Gazette.

    They denied allegations that Qatari Umrah pilgrims were being barred from entering the Grand Mosque based on their nationalities. Rasheed Al-Minsawi, an Umrah pilgrim from Morocco ushered:

    “We have not experienced any of what is being circulated. This can not be true because thousands of pilgrims and visitors enter the Grand Mosque through many of its gates.”

    “Nobody has been denied entry on the basis of nationality or color.”

    “Here in the Grand Mosque of Makkah we are all Muslims,” reminded 50-year-old Turkish Umrah pilgrim Ahmet M.

    “No one asks where we are from when entering the gates of the Grand Mosque because it does not matter.”

    “We are coming from different parts of the world, with only one direction in mind: The House of Allah.”

    Qaed Ali, a Yemeni pilgrim, said: “Nobody has asked me about my nationality whether during entry or exit from the Grand Mosque.”

    Abdulbari Hassan, an Egyptian pilgrim, said: “Since our arrival, we have been entering and exiting from any of the Grand Mosque’s gates.

    “We have not experienced any sorting on the basis of nationality or sect. The Kingdom provides facilities to all Muslims, irrespective of their nationalities or sects.”

    “Guards at the gates of the Grand Mosque do not check anyone’s identification papers. Their task is restricted to inspecting handbags as a security measure.

    But what is being circulated that some Umrah pilgrims are being barred from entering the Grand Mosque due to their nationality is nothing but calumny,” he said.

    Brig. Gen. Dr. Muhammad Al-Minshawi (retired), former director of the Criminal Investigations Department in Makkah said:

    “Saudi Arabia is proud to serve visitors and pilgrims of all categories and nationalities as per the administrative regulations.”

    “It deals equally with all pilgrims without any discrimination. All worshipers are equal whatever their nationality,” he said.

    Al-Minshawi added that during obligatory prayers one finds hundreds of thousands of worshipers in the Grand Mosque and its courtyards. It is impossible to sort this huge crowd and check nationalities or identities of pilgrims and worshipers.

    He stressed that the Kingdom has reaffirmed its commitment and keenness to provide all facilities and services to Qatari Haj and Umrah pilgrims despite severing diplomatic and consular relations with Qatar.

    On the contrary, Umrah pilgrims lauded the facilities being provided by the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.

    Al-Minsawi said the Kingdom’s government provides all facilities and services to make sure that pilgrims perform their rites in safety and comfort.

    Saudi Arabia has reiterated its commitment and keenness to provide all facilities and services to all Umrah and Haj pilgrims irrespective of nationality and sect.

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    “May Allah make us more big in Jannah not in dunya”, Cheick Tiote, Muslim ex-Newcastle footballer, last whatsapped his friend before he suddenly passed away

    On Monday, 5th June, 2017 in Beijing, China, Ivorian Muslim professional footballer Cheick Ismaël Tioté suddenly collapsed and died during a training session. Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Elayihi Rajeoun. He was just 30 years old.

    Naturally, it shocked the football world and tributes poured in by his friends and other renowned people. The most thought-provoking post was of a close friend of Cheick, Yusuf Abubakar Tumi, who revealed his last WhatsApp conversation with the former Newcastle United player.

    The last words that Cheick messaged Yusuf were

    “May Allah make us more big in Jannah not in dunya. In sha Allah because dunya will finish bro but Jannah never finished”

    Demba Ba, a close friend, a devout Muslim and a former teammate of Cheick was the first to bring out the tragic news. And it was Demba’s tweet which alerted Yusuf Abubakar of the shocking news.

    Demba, the next day, posted on his Instagram:

    Ya akhi, narakum fi jannah inshallah. I see you in heaven my brother #rip 😢

    A post shared by @dembabafoot on

    The football world expressed their shock and appreciation of the man Cheick was on and off the field. Here is a full list of tributes.

    His former club, Newcastle United also paid their tributes of their former employee.

    After Demba’s tweet, Tiote’s agent Emanuele Palladino soon after confirmed the tragic news that Tiote had died on Monday afternoon, saying: “I confirm that my client Cheick Tiote passed away today after collapsing in training with his club Beijing Enterprises.”

    Yusuf Abubakar then tweeted a number of posts recalling his memories with Cheick whilst praying for Cheick’s hereafter.

    The next day, a heartbreaking picture was posted on the web where Cheick’s son was pictured wearing the Newcastle United’s football jersey with RIP DADDY 24.

    Newcastle United’s fans are even petitioning for the club to retire the number 24 as a tribute to Cheick.

    And the tough test for his young family became even more evident when it was made to know that his wife is pregnant and expecting the baby this week in sha Allah (God Almighty willing).

    Tiote wasn’t just a footballer, he strived to carry himself to as a practicing Muslim. This was echoed by his friend Yusuf as he said Cheick never missed his Salah, the five times daily prayer.

    Yusuf further tweeted about Cheick’s character and connection with Allah by advising Yusuf to not live the world rather do what’s beloved to Allah:

    Below are some of the other tributes yet again showing the impact he made on people’s hearts.

    We ask Allah to have mercy upon the soul of our brother Cheick Ismail, grant patience to his family and loved ones and reunite him with his family in Jannah al Firdaws.

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    The Muslim world condemn terror attacks time after time, yet some still say ‘Why don’t leaders of Muslim countries condemn terror attacks?’

    For most of us, each day brings a new sense of hope, but for Muslims worldwide, almost each day starts with a fresh volley of Islamophobic attacks.

    The recent terror attacks in England, where much regrettably a number of innocent lives were taken, have given anti-Muslim groups and individuals the fuel they rely on to point fingers at Islam and ordinary Muslims en masse. Never mind how ordinary Muslim citizens, including paramedics, police officers and Muslims from all walk of life have come to the immediate aid of those in need.

    Non-Muslims defending Muslims by highlighting how London Muslim taxi drivers, shopkeepers, mosques, doctors and police officers helped those affected

    Also, never mind how over 120 imams in the UK have collectively pledged not to participate in the funeral rites of those misguided individuals with Muslim names responsible for the barbaric bloodshed.

    Yet perplexingly, the repeatedly discredited question remains: Where is the condemnation from the Muslim?

    In Hong Kong, a widely respected journalist, Mr Michael Chugani known for his “straight talk” wrote in a newspaper column decisively asking: “Why don’t leaders of Muslim countries condemn terror attacks?”, effectively vilifying the 1.6 billion Muslims for the actions of the few.

    Yasir Naveed, a 27-year-old Environmental Consultant in Hong Kong, was one who was left disappointed by not just the column but the sheer absence of any factual proof, that was Mr Chugani’s column. He said:

    “As a young ethnic minority community member in Hong Kong, I grew up respecting you for your language skills, skill sets for investigative reporting and your ability to assimilate with the local Chinese population but your irresponsible, ill-informed column based on falsities has left a lot of voiceless minorities disappointed.”

    Muslims leaders have time and again expressed their condemnation for violence and presented a united stance against any form of extremism and terrorism.

    This much should have been plainly obvious, and inexcusably unarguable.

    Ordinary Muslims, leaders and scholars have unequivocally condemned the Westminster bridge attack in London and in equal zeal, similar attacks albeit with higher casualties in Muslim-majority countries.

    Muslims, worldwide leaders and ordinary people, respond to the Westminster bridge attack in London…and the attack on a school in Syria

    If Mr Chugani had been sincere in his work as a journalist, he surely would not need us Muslims to advise him to back up his virulently toxic claims against Islam and Muslims, in his column by simply undertaking research before submitting his column for publication.

    Siddiq Bazarwala, a 41-year-old media professional, residing in Hong Kong too, was taken aback by the remarks made by Mr. Chugani:

    “Chugani asks ‘why there is almost always collective silence from leaders of Muslim countries who leave it to Western leaders to express outrage whenever there is a terror attack by Islamists’. Siddiq pointedly asked:

    There is an avalanche of condemnations from the world leading Islamic countries, leaders and scholars after almost every single terrorist attack, only if he bothered to simply Google it, let alone spend sometime undertaking some research.”

    Deconstructing the article further, Yasir asked:

    “Mr Chugani seems to assume that leaders of Muslim countries do not lead the charge against terrorism committed in the name of Islam, but Muslims have suffered the most by these acts of terrorism.”

    He further asked: “Now, may I also ask where is the condemnation from leaders of non-Muslim countries against attacks on majority Muslim countries? Where are the hashtags for Iraq? Where are the social media photo filters for Afghanistan? Where is your article denouncing the terrorist attacks in Syria? Or do you only consider the people living in Western countries as humans worthy of your sympathy?”

    Siddiq echoed a similar point regarding the fallacy in stating Muslims don’t condemn:

    “19-year old Hera Hashemi, student at the University of Colorado in November 2016 meticulously compiled a “712-page list of Muslims condemning things with sources”, listing everything from acts of domestic violence to 9/11, available online.

    Put simply, the voice of condemnation is deafening and if there is anyone that can’t hear it, you are simply not listening.”

    Mr. Chugani went on to target the burqa and the checking of brown-skinned people, saying this is all needed. Clearly he’s inciting xenophobia and is adding to the problem rather than providing a civilized solution.

    Yasir remarked: “You assume terrorists wear burqas and have brown skins but most terrorists, if not all, don’t have beards, don’t wear burqas and don’t even go to their local mosques.

    In fact, most have been found to be frequent visitors at brothels and pubs with no regard to the Islamic teachings of staying away from them. In that case, would you please advocate banning pubs and brothels first?”

    Journalists play an important role in framing mindsets and presenting a matter in a way which is befitting. On this occasion, to say Mr. Chugani failed to live up would be a gargantuan understatement. In order to fight hatred, it needs to be done by defusing it, not instigating it further.

    Muslims do not have a monopoly on terrorism. Terrorism is being committed by people of various backgrounds and as it stands since 9-11, white, far-right Christians are responsible for 90 percent of the mass killings, not Muslims.

    Therefore, let’s stop this never-ending hate bandwagon.

    And with this in mind, we Muslims in Hong Kong would like to send an open invitation to request Mr. Michael Chugani to attend Ramadan Iftar’s (fast opening) at the main mosque in Hong Kong, the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. This with a view to build a bridge of mutual understanding rather than enable a repeat of what is an unfortunate column.

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    Non-Muslims defending Muslims by highlighting how London Muslim taxi drivers, shopkeepers, mosques, doctors and police officers helped those affected

    At around 10pm on Saturday, 3rd June, the city of London was in shock yet again as 6 people died and many injured by 3 heartless killers.

    They went on a rampage in their van and then on foot stabbing innocent people in London Bridge and the London Borough Market. One was reported to have said “This is for Allah,” and as it’s case with every such terror attack, the Islamophobes use such events to voice out their hatred remarks.

    However, as always also, we see ordinary Muslims going the extra mile for humanity in such instances and we also witness sensible non-Muslims showing their solidarity towards the normal innocent Muslims and Islam which had nothing to do with such senseless crimes.

    London Muslim shopkeepers and mosques welcoming anyone who wants safety whilst condemning the act

    London Muslim taxi drivers giving free rides home

    London Muslim doctors and police officers saving lives

    Non-Muslims & Muslims responding to Islamophobia



    No religion, no race, no culture promotes hurting and killing innocent people. It’s those who are mentally sick, brainwashed with hatred and have mystical ideas of their own that do such brainless barbaric acts.

    It’s vital we as sane minded humans don’t buy into their evil narrative which is to cause divide. We need to show we are together against the fight of evil. Don’t incite hatred. Don’t create walls. Build bridges – that’s the way God Almighty tells in the Quran to do – repel an evil with a good.

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    Millions of China’s Uyghur Muslims yet again banned from observing Ramadan as restaurants forced to remain open

    Authorities in northwest China are implementing a set of “stability maintenance” measures in Xinjiang during Ramadan, but sources say restaurants have been ordered to stay open throughout the Islamic sacred month as part of the directive, suggesting efforts to undermine the Muslim tradition of fasting.

    According to a recently issued notice entitled “2017 Work Conclusion on the Stability Maintenance of Xinjiang during the Ramadan Period,” the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Aksu (in Chinese, Akesu) prefecture’s Bay (Baicheng) county has adopted several measures to “ensure social peace and harmony” during the holy month observed from May 26 to June 24 this year.

    The bureau, which regulates business and alcohol licenses for restaurants, will “strengthen leadership,” “control,” and “inspection” in the county, and “widen the scope of propaganda [to] focus on prevention,” said the notice, issued following a series of meetings held by the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Communist Party Committee.

    Additionally, the bureau plans to “strictly enforce leading cadres on duty, [have] cadres stand on 24-hour uninterrupted guard, ensure the rotation of guards, check the bags, [and] question and register all visitors.”

    Temporary evening “security checkpoints” will be set up to “ensure that all vehicles, individuals, and suspicious things are inspected and recorded,” the notice said.

    Ramadan Ban and Restrictions on 10 Million Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang by Atheist Chinese Communist Party

    Separately, students in Hotan (Hetian) prefecture’s Qaraqash (Moyu) county will be gathered on Fridays to “collectively study, watch red [communist propaganda] films, and conduct sports activities” in a way to “enrich their social life during the summer vacation.”

    Fridays are customarily prayer days at mosques, while those who go without food between dawn and dusk during Ramadan rarely have the energy to take part in sports events, suggesting authorities may be trying to prevent the largely Muslim ethnic Uyghur inhabitants of Aksu and Hotan from observing the holy month according to Islamic tradition.

    A Han Chinese official with the Political Law Committee of Hotan prefecture refused to answer a request by RFA’s Uyghur Service to clarify whether the measures were meant to stop Uyghurs from fasting and praying during Ramadan.

    “I cannot give you any details on this matter,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “You’d better inquire about it with the public security sectors.”

    China bans schools and parents in Muslim province from spreading religion to young people

    But another Han Chinese official with the Zawa township government in Qaraqash told RFA that his office had been ordered by county officials to keep restaurants “open as usual … especially during the Ramadan period.”  The official, who also asked not to be named said:

    “If anybody fails to comply with this order, they will be dealt with, and while I’m not sure of the specific punishment, [the restaurants] should be open no matter what.”

    “This order came from the county’s Political Law Committee a couple of days ago. Our leaders stressed the importance of this during a meeting we attended on this issue as well.”

    According to the Zawa official, teachers, public servants and employees in the service sector are “not allowed to fast” during Ramadan. He said:

    “It is strictly prohibited and if they are found fasting during this period, they will be dealt with.”

    Annual directive

    Uyghurs working at restaurants around the region confirmed to RFA that their businesses had been ordered to remain open during Ramadan, a directive that has also been issued in previous years in Xinjiang.

    “Yes, we were ordered to keep our restaurants open,” said a Uyghur staff member at a restaurant in Kashgar (Kashi) prefecture’s Kashgar city.

    “Every year it’s the same thing. Everybody has to stay open, even on the weekends.”

    The Uyghur owner of a restaurant chain, who also spoke anonymously, said his business will stay open during Ramadan “for 12 hours every day.”

    The order to keep restaurants open during Ramadan does not appear to have been extended to other Muslim minorities living in China.

    An ethnic Hui Muslim restaurant owner in Ningxia Autonomous Region’s capital Yinchuan said he would be closing his business for Ramadan, much like he does every year.

    “I have run this restaurant for 30 years and I have never received an order to keep it open during Ramadan,” he said.

    “I will close my restaurant during Ramadan, though some restaurants will serve food before dawn and after sunset for Ramadan observers.”

    In June last year, sources told RFA that several local government departments and middle or high schools in the Xinjiang region had posted notices online ordering restrictions on the Muslim duty to fast during Ramadan—particularly for “anyone drawing a salary from the state.”

    Schoolchildren were barred from religious observance, while at least one Uyghur studying at Kashgar University in Kashgar prefecture said administrators at his school “regularly check each classroom and force Uyghur students to drink water or eat something in front of them.”

    Officials in Hotan city also ordered restaurants and stores selling food and drink to remain open during fasting hours, with fines imposed on owners who failed to comply.